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Travessia, Crossing 2012
Co-Authored with Artur Ruivo
The death of subsistence means in traditional fishing is an evidence of a globalized world. This allegorical project is a way to praise a past and a rooted tradition in our culture, the contact with the sea as a profession and a way of life. A crossing of the Douro river, connecting the two shores of Cantadeira and Afurada - a wood rack takes the two unexperienced artists on a journey that is meant to bound the two opposing sides, in a visual and performative parable.
Consumo Obrigatório,                                                        Mandatory Consumption 2006
Co-Autored with Inês Osório
What is life but a given set of causes and consequences?
As human beings, we will always be confronted with ruptures in our path. There are breaking moments, a loss in balance, unplanned detours to which we must learn to react. We all have caotic moments, when only on the outside do we remain whole. Only when we look closer do we get to see the scars that brand our skin and how changed we are after the storm.
And because life does not stop, there's not much we can do besides keep on going. Even if it hurts, keep on going. Because life is of a mandatory consumption.