Woowooki | Identity​​​​​​​
Woowooki | Identity​​​​​​​

Woowooki (founded in 2015) is a limited edition, authentic design and hand made production. Balance between reinvented classic and futuristic ideas. Not only fashion but also beauty outside and functionality inside. 
Their faith is not part of fast moving trends with one-off things but rather strategy of real companion creation which will follow you during the lifetime as a true satellite. Their aesthetics is clear for an old samurai, the modern metropolis resident and a visionary. Their story is told by the universal language: of lines, of harmony, of simplicity. The identity system and logo have been thought to reflect brand values and personality and designed to be adopted to a multitude of applications. The main inspiration for the creating of graphic element system is built on the five basic moves of katana and samurai sword.

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Asya Demidova
Photography support: Elena Tretyakova, Daria Hlopova