​​​​​​​3D printers, micro-algae, spores, parametrically programmed ultra-resistant materials and dynamic volumes will change the way we design, or will we continue to build houses in the form of... houses?

The cultural association 120g asked me to illustrate their second Dossier focusing on the themes of technology applied to architecture. 3D printing and natural elements integrated in architectural projects are the theme of the photographs illustrated later with 2d graphics; an interaction between reality and abstraction, nature and technology, photography and graphics. 
Enjoy D1GIT!

"Stampanti 3D, micro-alghe, spore, materiali ultra-resistenti parametricamente programmati e volumi dinamici cambieranno il modo in cui progettiamo, o continueremo a costruire case dalla forma di... case?"
L'associazione culturale 120g mi ha chiesto di illustrare il loro secondo Dossier incentrato sui temi della tecnologia applicata all'architettura. La stampa 3D e gli elementi naturali integrati nella progettazione sono il tema delle fotografie illustrate in seguito con grafiche 2D; un'interazione tra realtà e astrazione, natura e tecnologia, fotografia e grafica.

Two typefaces: Liber Grotesque by our friend Valerio at Hederae Type Foundry and IBM Plex Mono.

Inheriting the format from the first issue — a 340x240 mm for 12 pages and a folded poster which works also as cover — D1GIT exploits dramatically the power of type, bold colors and semi-abstract imagery, resulting pop and futuristic, never compromising the readability.

The second issue (first here) of 120g's zine is printed on Fedrigoni Old Mill 130gsm paper in offset, 2+2 colors: Pantone 806 U Fluo Pink and Pantone 300 U Spanish Blue.


Original pictures

Graphic Illustrations

Enjoy the making of!


D1GIT has received the Type Directors Club "Certificate of Typographic Excellence". It will be included in the 2019 Annual of the Type Directors Club, The World’s Best Typography, and will also be shown at the 65th Awards Exhibition (TDC65) in New York City.

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