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    A drive-in cinema with a twist
For my next project, I wanted to focus on an abandoned, run-down area of my local town and introduce a pop-up architectural piece. I have an avid interest in film culture, especially those produced during the 1950s and the entertainment industry of the time. This included the introduction, in America, of the drive-in. Although these never really took off in the UK, and have declined in popularity in the US, I wanted to reintroduce the idea with a twist.
'Reels on Wheels' is my quirky take on the classic drive-in cinema which also encompasses themes of sustainability and reuse.
Mood board demonstrating my sources of inspiration including original drive-in theatres, pop-up cinemas of today and intended styles and colours.
The chosen space is an abandoned area in my home town, which was originally a cinema. The cinema was burnt down several years ago leaving tiny traces of its existance, such as my favourite feature - the stair handrails, which can be seen on the side wall. I aimed to keep features like this to add to the ambience of the new cinema.
The main focus of the design is the reuse of abandoned and discarded cars, and inspired by the drive-in theatre concept, the cars are reused as seats for a pop-up cinema.
Rendered visual of intended design for the chosen space, demonstrating the spatial layout of the cinema.
I decided to keep all standing walls, despite being partially destroyed, and worked the design around these. The walls of the cinema are made from a waterproof and insulating material supported by upright timber collumns. The auditorium seating itself are abandoned motor cars, which have been fabricated by adding new seats and removing the roofs, allowing them to be suitable for the role. The cars are all fixed in place onto the wooden and steel frame constructed. This design creates a new experience which merges the concept of the drive in theatres of years gone by with the quirkiness of of a contemporary outdoor installation.
Longitudinal section showing the layout and scale of the space.