softtech wanted to reflect the transformation that it has initiated in strategic sense to brand communication and corporate identity. we started a long lab run for the new softtech. and finally we decided to build on the brand's corporate identity, brand image and website by telling a deep-rooted story.
our tables and walls were filled with logo sketches, calculations and story drafts. taking into account the simplistic concerns in the brand transformation, we have created the new corporate identity in a minimal style.
(*)logo design
we integrated the new corporate identity and brand image works into the entire digital and printed media within a week.

brand: softtech
agency: insprad
strategist: emre dalkıran
creative team: murat miroğlu, selin çolak, furkan pehlivan
copywriter: berk toparlak, cansu özyurt
brand manager: aslı uzun
(*)various usages of the logo
(*)primary typeface
(*)secondary typeface
(*)web site in action
rebranding softtech