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    furniture design represent traditional windows industry,the profile extruded to convey the furniture

Femme Aterlier is a design studio founed in 2018.This multidisclipnary team is also publisher whose values are baseed upon the principle of emotive design.Since its conception Femme has aimed to experiment with and redefine everyday objects.

Framemust aimed to provide 'the door language', the function of the door is the barriers between one area to another area. Therefore it was trasmitted through the furniture form which comprises of 2 tables, 2 chairs by producing the manufacturing of door as well as window through the existence of furniture. The significant of the door and window manufacturing is the aluminnum profile extrude which outstandingly described in the design dimension. In additional, it was kept its original function which included the gradient arcylic that is represented the prodominence of the door as in communication value as well as it easier to produced. Moreover, the purpose is to add more value through the material, also to modifiy the function through the existence of new material in appropriately.
Femme Aterlier