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Finansbank / Mustafa Keser Facebook App
Mustafa Keser is a famous Turkish singer in Turkey and widely known for his TV show where people call to ask him singing their favourite song. In 2012, he became the celebrity of Finansbank's SME Banking advertising campaign. 
To reinforce the TVC, we created a Facebook app, where people could connect with their profiles and watch his famous online show. There was even a big surprise, if the person provided his/her cell number while requesting the song, Mustafa Keser would call the person and also address by the name. 
Even though people thought the show was live, all the possible songs and more than 200 hundred names were prerecorded & coded to make it seem so. The app was a success since it was unbelievable that a famous singer would call you on your phone. 
Advertising Agency: DDB&Co.
Creative Director: Karpat Polat
Creative Group Head: Ozan Yurtsever, Melih Ediş
Copywriter: Orhan Gazi Kandemir