Coca Cola - Taste the Feeling
"Taste The Feeling" Card Designs
The Brief

The aim of this project was to create either an animated clip or an interactive application for Coca Cola that successfully communicates Coke's interpretation of "Taste the Feeling.

To avoid any brand fragmentation, the final outcome also needed to look and feel like it was a product of Coke's. This meant that research and an analysis of the Coke brand was necessary to get familiar with things like the correct colours, fonts, style & tone of voice.

The ultimate goal was to make happiness happen.

“One Brand” Approach

After having done some research into Coca Cola I found that there was a new strategy at play. This was important to know about because it would ensure that my outcome would be relevant to the brand.

Marcos de Quinto (Chief Marketing Officer) said that, "the strategy extends the equity and iconic appeal of the world’s No. 1 beverage brand to Coca-Cola Light/Diet Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Life. It also underscores the company’s commitment to choice, offering consumers whichever Coca-Cola suits their taste, lifestyle and diet – with or without calories, with or without caffeine."

“We are reinforcing that Coca-Cola is for everybody,” de Quinto said. “Coca-Cola is one brand with different variants, all of which share the same values and visual iconography. People want their Coca-Cola in different ways, but whichever one they want, they want a Coca-Cola brand with great taste and refreshment.”
Coca Cola Colour Palette
The Solution

Since the main goal was to make happiness happen, I looked at different ways this is done in our everyday lives. I arrived at the idea of creating a social game that people could play that brings smiles to everyone's faces - such as spin the bottle/ truth, dare & command. People could either purchase the game from super markets and garages or recieve a set when buying a Coca Cola product.

To incorporate the "One Brand" strategy, I used the different colours of the different Coke products as a part of the branding for the game.

I also created an ad that could be used to advertise the game, which also followed the rules and branding guidelines of Coca Cola.
Coca Cola Prodcut Logo's
Design Deliverables

This is the process I went through creating the cards for the truth, dare & command game. Whilst designing the cards and the boxes - I kept in mind the use of colour, typography and iconography to ensure that the branding looked like it was a Coca Cola product.
Print Setup
Box Designs
Coke Advert
Coca Cola Advert. "Taste the Feeling" by Conrad Sewell
This project was chosen as a semifinalist in the 2018 Adobe Design Achievers Awards.
Coca Cola - Taste the Feeling

Coca Cola - Taste the Feeling



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