secret places (3)
The third part in my ongoing 'Secret Places' series'

Every image in this series begins with photographing the hill I live beneath. 
They all include both intentional camera movement.. 
and all include a symbolic element in a double exposure.
A kind of visual secret...  only revealed to the careful viewer ;-)

What's recorded by the camera, is not only the hill,  
but what unfolds during that moment's motion.  
The results can be surprising. Whole new landscapes emerge...secret places...  
revealed for an instant...always disappearing again into mystery.
secret places (11)

it should be autumn.. it's hot
and then it's not
a cool rush....
clouds brushing the hills
and suddenly
straight into the weather, this bird.

secret places (12) 

the hills at twilight
within a moment
a glimpse of snow
in a world getting warmer
land longing for winter

secret places (13)

learning to see in the dark
secret places (14)

she's always been here
hiding inside the ridge lines
the origin 
whose embrace 
welcomes us home
secret places (15)

two seconds stretches...
enough time to become lost
and home by sunrise
Thanks for having a look :-)
secret places (3)

secret places (3)

Landscapes emerging from intentional camera movement.  Every image in this series begins with photographing the hill I live beneath. They all inc Read More