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Corporate calendar with the company's character - butcher.
Goulash (Hungarian gulyas) – is Hungarian national dish: slices of beef or veal, cooked with 
bacon, onions, peppers (capsicum), and potato.
Meat should be pre-fried in a pan or deep skillet with lard and onions until golden brown. After 
that, add hot water, pre-fried potatoes, tomato paste or fresh tomatoes, pepper, flour in a pan and 
bring to readiness.
Sheep's wool has a high fire resistance. You can not only cheat curlers on it but even dry it with 
a hairdryer.
In the 1960s, a can for a time became the object of art. Creator of pop art Andy Warhol painted 
pictures with tin of tomato soup "Campbell" and sold them for $ 100 apiece.
All animals must pass a veterinary examination before transporting.
Real ketchup does not flow by itself. To remove it you should properly shake the bottle, making 
sure that others are at a safe distance.
In Germany the cow named Moon thanks to the tenacity of its mistress jumps over the barrier 
1.2 meters high.
Therefore, the expression "The cows do not fly" is relative.
Some details...
Almost all of the animal kingdom can swim, including the hedgehogs, cows and even moles.
Many animals dive in search of food or hiding from enemies, and an adult cow is able to cross 
even a small river.
Horse apples - this is not a meat dish for the holiday table. Yes, it is a song of Victor Saltykov, 
and also coloring of gray horses. "Apples" - round, more bright spots, repeating grid of 
subcutaneous blood vessels.
Pigs release from skin infestation by wallowing in the mud. Once the mud dries and fall harm-
causing insects will disappear along with it.
Also, wallowing in a mud, pigs lower their naturally high body temperature.
Weight of wool sheared from a sheep can be up to 5 pounds! Two coats or, for example, about 
40 pairs of mittens or 50 pairs of warm wool socks can be done of this stuff.
It is believed that the famous sausage was invented in Germany by a butcher Johann Georg 
Laner. He learned the butcher skills in Frankfurt and in 1804 moved to Vienna, where he 
opened his own shop. One year later Laner presented his invention - the sausage, which was 
named "Frankfurter" or "Wienerwurst".
Chicken has the intelligence which is not lower and not higher than the other birds have, but due 
to the fact that chicken often catch the eye, this very bird became a symbol of stupidity and 
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Meatinfo`s calendar

Meatinfo`s calendar

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