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Mi Casa es Su Casa - CROSS program 2015

Mi Casa es Su Casa Project - CROSS program 2015
Project: "Mi Casa es Su Casa": Understanding Impressions and Practices of Peer Accomodation in Developed and Developing Countries
The sharing economy is redefining circulation ­ of people, goods, and resources. In particular, successful examples of shared accommodation services through which peers can post, find, and book accommodation made available by other peers, are capturing the imagination of users worldwide.
Our project, through the use of a mixed methodology including qualitative data gathering, quantitative analyses, crowdsourcing, and data mining techniques, aims to respond three research questions:  
(1) How are peer accommodation services perceived (by potential site users) and used (by hosts and guests) in a developed country like Switzerland and a developing country like Mexico?
(2) Are there any differences in terms of user impressions and actual usage between global and local services?
(3) Are there distinct cross-cultural perceptions of global and local peer accommodation services (e.g. Swiss visitors to Mexico)?
CROSS research project investigators
Principal investigator: Daniel Gatica-Perez, EPFL (STI)
Principal co-investigator: Marianne Schmid Mast, UNIL (HEC)
Mi Casa es Su Casa - CROSS program 2015


Mi Casa es Su Casa - CROSS program 2015


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