Domes Noruz Guest Info Kit

The Domes Noruz Resort Hotel in Chania, Crete, wanted to update the information in the service directory placed in every room. During the briefing process, it was agreed that the entire directory needed to be re-conceived as an object, in order to match the premium character of the resort. 
Our primary challenge was to re-think an object that appears in every hotel room around the world, in more or less the same format. Having built the hotel’s identity from the ground up when it was established in 2015, our strong familiarity with its brand DNA allowed us to pursue a new approach while being faithful to its practical nature. We worked together with the client to curate the contents in a new way that then allowed us to reconfigure the design. The use of a muted palette and clear typography matches the hotel’s visual identity and allows the information to shine through. 
The binder format makes the new guest info kit practical, while the fabrics used in construction preserve its premium character. Working on both the design and content curation allowed us to create an object that guests enjoy engaging with.