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Resilience - Recital Event Branding
Bracing for the pain,
I would make it through.

Resilience is a vocal recital started by performing student, Claudya C. Hutasoit. Through her college life, she has struggled through tons of pressures and anxiety. Although things have been difficult for her, she braced for every hardship and stand tall facing those things. Her mental resiliency has become the foundation for her junior recital. By telling her story through music, she hopes that she could encourage people who are going through the same hardship as hers.
Music is my remedy.

There are a lot of factors that made that her resilience as she is; that is including her relationship with God and also her friends and families that always supporting her. There is also one more thing that helped her through negativity which is expressing herself through music. Her music preference is unique and empowering. They sound like an anthem about her triumph through adversity. The following playlist was the primary inspiration for the event branding system.
My Worn-out Reflection.

The photographs for the project need to project power inside the feminine soul of Claudya; the critical value for the photo series is confidence. It should be empowering and showcasing her strength while struggling in adversity. The shots which show the images of Claudya's life with subtle yet strong poses describe her personality very profoundly. Worn-out look with the mildly contrast colour palette is used to complement the imageries for deepening the overall feeling.
Subtly Bold.

Black is associated with power, elegance, and mystery. Confidence in the unknown would be the phrase I would like use to interpret this event. Thanks to the artists which created the reference songs for the recital, I came out with a design that was inspired by hip-hop and pop culture. Helvetica helped as the main typography for the branding system, which gave neutral yet bold power within the touchpoints with the hope that this event could encourage the audiences who took part in it.
Art Direction, Graphic Design and Retouching Work by:
Leonardo Tanuwijaya

Photography by:
Clarissa Ruth Natan
Bryan Christofel

This project is presented to our beloved Claudya C. Hutasoit for her never-ending Resilience
Resilience - Recital Event Branding