P A C K A G I N G   F O R   W I L D   S T O N E   C O D E   S E R I E S

Wild Stone goes premium

Partner-in-charge Itu Chaudhuri | Creative Director Richa Bhargava | Design Concept Palash Jain | Design Development Kshitij Tembe, Jasvinder Singh | Production Neha Bajaj, Jasvinder Singh | Webpage Photographer Palash Jain, Studio Fry | Alternate Design Concepts Kshitij Tembe, Niloy Kundu, Neha Bajaj | Project duration 5 months

The deodorant market of 2016 witnessed a new premiumising influence: hybrids that combine the value of aerosol deodorants and pricier pump-based containers of liquid perfumes (albeit in aluminium cans). An attempt to ride two horses: value and the intangible promise of a fine fragrance. Into this market arrived Wild Stone's Code, with its superior, designed-in-France fragrance.
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Wild Stone Code series