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    It is the 3rd year for Wall Street English to distribute the red pocket, with a message, make your dream come true.
This is a new challenge for me to design red pocket this year.
It is the 3rd year for Wall Street English todistribute the red pocket. I don’t want to make the same with the previous works, but I think it should have meaningful message. Therefore, I chose the koi carps which means that may you always get more than you wish for. And for the meaning of Chinese wording”如意” is to wish everything goes as you hope, no matter your studies, work and life! It also matches the message of Wall Street English, make your dream come true.
In fact, It is very difficult for the process.
Blue is the corporate color of the company. Yet, it can’t use as the color of the pocket. In the traditional of Chinese New Year, we can have several colors of red pockets, such as red, purple, golden, sliver, copper, which implied the meaning of celebration. However, to be more eye-catching and under the vote, we chose using green.
I never receive a green pocket since I born. Also, I can’t find any reference on Internet. In fact, green pocket is using by Islamic. For the other hand, green means saving, new and hope. Each thing can have multiple meanings, whatever you can imagine.
I ask for help from the supplier. They are no ideas too. I only can try and imagine, using the panels and test print.
Finally, the finished product is modern as much as I think. This is a green pocket with rainbow hot stamping and the message of hope!