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    Photography and set design
Ruca Malen Malbec

This is my second campaign for the Argentinian winery Ruca Malen, this time for their Malbec wine. Although this campaign has nothing to do with the previous one (Ruca Malen Extra Brut) we still wanted to keep certain connection between them since they both belong to the same winery and these two specific brands invite people to explore, try new things and explore beyond the classic wines. 
The concept for this campaign is "Open to the unknown", so we wanted to create a "mystical" environment where you can imagine there are things happening beyond our sight. Elements such ladders, open windows and climbing ropes invite the imagination of the viewer to "the unknown". 

Client: Grey Argentina
Creative Director: Lisandro Cardozo
Art direction/Set Design: Daniel Forero
Photography: Daniel Forero
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