Fifteen KSA alumni from courses spanning Illustration & Animation, Graphic Design, Product Design and Drama, join forces to make a video exploring the idea of creativity.

Working with Kingston University’s brand design agency Bond and Coyne, Brighton based animation studio Buff Motion set up a collaborative brief to answer the question: What is creativity?​​​​​​​

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Being a video about creativity for Kingston School of Art, the solution feels totally natural: work with talent from KSA (as it’s known now) and harness their nurtured creativity to help promote its undergraduate courses.

Not wishing to settle on one look or a single perspective on creativity, Buff reached out to a number of artists with different ‘house’ styles - giving each contributor two sections of the script and freedom to come up with their own way to illustrate the content. After reviewing sketches, the ideas were green lit by the client, and in most cases static artwork was submitted for Buff to animate; except for the awesome Joe Melhuish who built his own sections entirely.

Buff's Studio Director, Chloe Flexman, says "Sound design was key to the whole piece as it linked all of the visual styles together with a consistent thread. The choice of soundtrack was perfect for cutting between scenes of varying styles – from stylised 3D renders to vector artwork, photography and character animation, as well as a cheese wheel made out of paper & foam board and filmed in the studio!​​​​​​​"

Client: Kingston School of Art
Production: Buff Motion
Agency: Bond & Coyne

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Kingston School of Art: What is Creativity?

Kingston School of Art: What is Creativity?

Kingston School of Art: What is Creativity?