Evolution of a brand
is an edgy bourbon brand targeting a pre-dominantly male audience. The core values being around mateship & never being main stream. I was briefed in to evolve the brand from it's current look of simple slate background & chiselled fonts (see concept stage) to an edgy, grungy, male brand. As the years have passed on the brand is now focused around it's Chicago roots whilst still retaining it's underground essence. Off-premise (shops & outlets) and on-premise (bars & clubs) point of sale suites were developed for the core brand. The point of sale suite includes:
Pillar Posters for on-premise environments (Bars & Clubs)
A-Frames for off-premise environments (shops & outlets)
Cut Case Header Cards for off-premise environments
Top left: Shelf Talker. Bottom left: Fridge Strip. Right: Fridge Fin. POS for off-premise environments
Off-premise insitu
Concept design & development. Top left: Original design through concepts around music, chicago, mateship & slate.
Concept design to final production. Alley filled with graffiti worked as a metaphor for your journey on a night out, cracked slate adding an extra edgy grunge element.
Older off-premise point of sale. From left to right: Pillar Poster, A-Frames, Cut Case Header Cards, Wobblers & Fridge Strip.
Older point of sale on-premise. From left to right: Pillar Poster, Coasters & Tent Card
Older point of sale insitu off-premise environment
Outdoor Advertising