Geo Solar


Geo Solar
Brand design
We were approached by Geo Solar in December 2016 and through out the first half of 2017 we were working on their visual identity which would match the new business venture. The main objective was to design an easy to use visual identity with solar energy in mind. We took into consideration two things: where the brand would appear and how it would stand out on the global and local scale. The company works closely with Ikea and provides photo-voltaic solutions on the Polish market which also played a part in the design process.

We decided that the most effective system would be created with the use of strong warm colors and basic geometric shapes which would illustrate the idea of generating energy from the sun best. The visual identity is therefore colorful, yet clean with a clear message.

Geometric shapes which we chose, best describe what the company does: using sun and it's power to provide energy-generating solutions for anyone who is looking for an environment-friendly energy source for their home.

The shapes we chose stand for: the sun (yellow circle), the sun rays (orange triangles) and water / air (blue square). Graphic elements created with these shapes illustrate the process of using the energy to warm the water or the living space (air). In this simple way we are showing what the company provides, using colors and clean layouts.

Geo Solar is not only the supplier of photovoltaic systems, but also works closely with the installers. Therefore the brand identity needed to be flexible enough to incorporate different needs.

The system we designed can not only function in its main full-color option, but can also be more minimal, using only orange and black. This way whenever a simpler option is needed, e.g. for some production purposes, we may use one-color-only designs (with the triangles) without compromising the brand visual identity.


Creative Direction: Natalia Żerko
Graphic Design: Kuba 'Enzo' Rutkowski
Animation: Adam Rotnicki 
Set design & photos: Natalia Żerko, Kaja Łata

Geo Solar

Geo Solar

Logo and visual identity system for a renewable energy and photovoltaic panels supplier Geo Solar.