Case: Circulo de Vida Cancer Support and Resource Center is a non-profit organization for Latinos. They wanted a new website more useful and functional to improve their users' experience and showcase their funders.
-  Provide a visually appealing and easy-to-use site.
-  Reorganize and update the content providing useful information to the users.
-  Help build a stronger accessibility.
-  Ensure the visibility of the sponsors.      
Old website
Landing page
Programs page
About page
New website
Main changes:
- Changed font to improve legibility.
- Used a 3-column layout so that the sponsors are visible to almost every page.
- Improved the navigation and reorganized the main sections and subsections.
- Updated the content with useful information for the organization and its accomplishments and added events photo gallery.
Landing page
About page
Events page - Photo gallery
Programs page