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    Doctor Who – Titans Mini Figures – Series 1
I have spent the past 2 years working behind the scenes with Forbidden Planet’s manufacturing arm Titan Merchandise to bring you an epic project in miniature proportion! Prepare your-shelf for the 11th Doctor, as he and all his rivals have recently materialised as 2.5” vinyl figures!.
Doctor Who – Titans Mini Figures – Series 1
Includes: Matt Smith as the 11th Doctor, The Tardis, Cybermen, Ood, Jadoon, Silurian, Silent and Drone, Scientist, Eternal, Strategist and Supreme Daleks + 4 chase figures!

I have a small amount of Artist Proof Versions I wish to sell. If you’re interested in taking some off my hands, please send an e-mail to matt@lunartik.com and I will send you some more details.
Matt JOnes