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iOS 7 - Concept
iOS 7
A independent concept of upcoming iOS 7.
Made by the conditions and possibilities in the iPhone 5.
First off. A new top bar.
Here the battery niveau is placed behind content to make it more visible.
At the last 20% you'll get a red bar to warn you and show an excact time you have left.
Ex. here's 17% left
Activity log
One simple log accesed by notification center (Slide)
- to see your acitivity and simply click to redo it.
App flow - easily watch last used Apps in a cover flow
by turn the iPhone in landscape at the home screen
Next the multipad
a redesign of a working multitasking surface.
Here's a pop up - on your running app
just access by double tap the home button.
Return by touch the top or bottom area.
3 slides; Settings, Music, Running apps.
First page - your contacts in groups
and it all more dynamic.
Highlights - simply note something to a contact
A way to remember things at one person - 
and simply link to it from notes, highlight something in messages and so on.
Ex. Bob owes me 20$ link it / Emma wrote 'we have to remember this song.'
SocialStream - a flow of the persons social profiles
Redesign of Photos
Home screen - how to redesign that?
My guess call it "Menu" as it is
​End at the start - Lockscreen
Inspiration by wish lists, web ideas and my ideas.
Users ask for more 'selfmade settings' well to much and its not iOS.
And to do a more redesign of the entire UI in iOS would need changes at the hardware. 
Mistakes might occur.
iOS 7 - Concept

iOS 7 - Concept

Concept of upcoming iOS 7