Invitation Postcard
Sometimes I get internal requests from co-workers, family, and friends who will be using QuantumPostcards to print their orders. This was a custom request I did for someone who needed a Baby Shower invitation card. She wanted a chalkboard background with some illustrations in blue color. So I did some custom illustrations of the floral border. I had some banners I illustrated in my personal banner library so I took that one to use. My boss decided that we should convert this lovely design as a template. In comparison, you can see the difference between these two due to limited features that the Online Design template can do at QuantumPostcards. Feel free to take a peek here. Enjoy! 
QuantumPostcards is a website powered by QuantumDigital. This site allows you to upload your own design or choose pre-designed templates to edit/modify online before placing your order. As shown above, my responsibility is to create generic designs for customers (who are not non-designers) to use and place orders quickly.