Wonderlet — small family brand focused on creating leather goods. Name Wonderlet based on 2 words: wonder + let. As an inspiration we took the mood of old Russian folklore — Palekh and Zhostovo painting. At the heart of the visual concept is the traditional character of Russian fairy tales — the Fire Bird, which carries a personal monogram.

Masters from the ages had their own personal signs, which they placed on their products. At the monogram lies the semantics of the capital letter W, the shape of the bag and the symbol of the bird flying down.
We created watercolor pattern for using inside bags and tags
We combined classic gold and copper foil to create magic shine of the Fire Bird

Envelop have the same valve as bag, tag and sign
In postcards we used letterpress on cotton paper

Naming: Alina Suvorova
Creative conception, design & art-direction: Alexander Suvorov
Illustration: Andrey Kokorin
Watercolor artist: Tatiana Shirbidova
Printing: Maxim Simanovich, Arina Volkova, Sue Burroughs


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