"Shket" free font
Wow, thank you guys for all the downloads! Please, don't forget to come back and give me your comments or report any bug or thing you think I should fix! )
Shket is a modern sans serif designed to be used at big point sizes, for example in spread headers or posters. Unlike many of the fonts that are given for free, Shket offers a pretty big charset that will cover many languages and symbols, making it ideal for any design job. As a designer myself I hate to see that the glyph I need is missing from the font, hopefully with Shket that won't happen.
v. 0.016
463 glyphs
Added some mathematical characters missing on the previous font version.
471 kerning pairs.
i and j dots now align to the t height.
Minor corrections to some lettershapes.
v. 0.024
526 glyphs
n-dash and m-dash heights changed to match hyphen's
Space advance width was shortened
Curl in 2's foot was erased
Period character now has straight lines, nor curves
Russian Ю and ю characters now are visually correct
Parenthesis, brackets and braces now are longer and extend between descender's and cap's lines.
Optical correction was made to some very acute angles (for example W V A M) to make the font a little more visually pleasing at small point sizes.
Lots of new kerning pairs.
Version 0.024 (15/01/13)
"Shket" free font

"Shket" free font

Font in development. I have finished the basic design of Shket and I'm looking for testers and critique. I'm specially interested in checking gl Read More


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