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Yacht Management, Inc. founder and owner Joshua Kerrigan has been working and playing on the water since he was a young teen. Joshua Kerrigan got his first job on the water when he was fifteen, working at the Sands Harbor Marina, located in Pompano, FL. While he had always loved swimming, diving, and fishing with friends and family, it was his job at the marina that inspired Joshua Kerrigan’s interest in and love of yachts and boating.

Today, building on the employment of his youth, Joshua Kerrigan owns and operates Yacht Management, Inc, bringing his love of the water into his career. As the founder, president, and CEO of Yacht Management, Inc, Joshua Kerrigan provides high quality yacht management, maintenance, and administration services to yacht owners in Southern Florida. At Yacht Management, Inc, Joshua Kerrigan gets to spend his days working with and on yachts, managing marinas, and taking in the sights of South Florida’s open waters.

Outside of work, Joshua Kerrigan has a number of water-related interests and hobbies. Joshua Kerrigan frequently travels to the Bahamas to take part in diving and fishing activities, and he recently purchased a wave runner. This past summer, Joshua Kerrigan found a new sport that he loves: stand-up paddle boarding, also known as SUP boarding. Joshua Kerrigan loves the water for its beauty, but he also realizes that it offers a great way to stay fit through sports and other physical activities, which he takes full advantage of.

Joshua Kerrigan is extremely pleased that he was able to build a successful career for himself that so fully encompasses his first love: the ocean. He plans to continue to be involved in various water-related hobbies and activities, and is always excited to come across new sports that can get him out into the ocean in his spare time.