Band's lyric + Illustration (Facebook's timeline)
Artwork: Tres Empre - Sleeping Tiger
Artwork: Blessthefall - Dream On (Areosmith cover)
Artwork: Travelers - If Only If Only
My 2013 Logo
BRHN's 2013 Logo
BRHN x WolvesAsMe (Lion x Wolves)
Random Works
Artwork: Ipoh, my hometown. Even I was born in Kuala Lumpur, but I'm raised in Ipoh :)
Artwork: Rebel Design Studio's Keychain design
Band's Artwork (Request)
Artwork: Time&Tide's request. Don't You Try To Be A Mannequinne! Lyric from their song "Mannequinne". Off from their latest EP, "3EP"
Artwork: Lycan - The Final Hour
Artwork: The Eye & Ocean // MMXIII