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BeMyEye: Pin redesign
Pin redesign
2018 / BeMyEye / Paris, France​​​​​​​

BeMyEye is Europe’s leading crowdsourced in-store data as a service (DAAS) provider. Mystery shoppers earn money by completing simple missions, through questionnaires in the app, about information they find in stores or other locations. 

My assignment here was to improve the visibility and flexibility of the mobile app's map pins. We went for rectangular pins to accommodate long numbers and symbols.

On the left is the previous design; on the right is the updated design

Available and unavailable missions
The new design makes it easier to distinguish between available missions (orange) and missions reserved by another user (grey). When a pin is selected its color darkens, which is more visible than a yellow border.
Reserved missions
Reserved missions are indicated by blue pins. When a pin is selected its color darkens.
Discovery missions
The discovery mission type was integrated from another app, hence the different app UI
Pins with a + indicate locations you can select as favorite. Pins with a star are your favorite locations. When a pin is selected its color darkens.
BeMyEye: Pin redesign

BeMyEye: Pin redesign