AMPLIO Instant Range Extension Motorcycle - In order for electric motorcycles to provide a no compromise solution, they need to deliver the same freedom to go anywhere that drivers of combustion engine motorcycles enjoy today. At Better Place battery switch stations, drivers enter a lane where an automated switch platform lowers a depleted battery from underneath the motorcycle. The battery is placed onto a storage rack for charging, monitoring and preparation for another vehicle. A fully charged battery is then lifted into the waiting motorcycle. The switch process takes less time than a stop at the gas station and the driver may remain on the motorcycle throughout. The AMPLIO features an ergonomic riding position that provides comfort for both daily commutes and long distance road trips. With an easily accessibly battery, riders can plug in at home, work, or switch a spent battery for a fresh one in less time than it takes to fill a tank of gasoline. Since electric motorcycles have half the moving parts of their combustion engine counterparts, lower maintenance is expected. Coupled with a central focus on battery accessibility to both switch stations and riders, the design intent for the AMPLIO is to be at the center of mainstream personal transportation for both novice and seasoned riders. Operating the AMPLIO is easy- No Clutch, No Gears, Just Torque. Maintenance would remain at a minimum thanks to a brushless AC Synchronous motor, and with a speed of over 160 km/h the AMPLIO would not be limited to city streets.