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    Web version of infograms about the life conditions of the minority ethnic groups in Colombia. Initially Nasa and Misak.
We strongly believe that information is a tool for development and social advancement.

These infograms are part of a series of visual analyses of the situation of the ethnic and aboriginal minorities in our country. The idea is to bring tools to help to understand the reality in which a lot of our people live; the needs and lack of social justice for a great part of the citizens of this country.
This is the web version of the project, in its initial stages: SEE for now is in spanish, but you will find it easy to understand (luckily).
Off course we ask you to share it to anyone interested, it is designed as a tool to understand the reality of some amazing people mostly misunderstood by ignorance of their needs and lives.

Serie de infogramas visualizando información del Departamento Nacional de estadísitca DANE, respecto a los grupos étnicos colombianos. Como una herramienta desde el diseño gráfico en pos de una nación equitativa.
Ver el proyecto en este link: VER.
Por supuesto te pedimos que compartas este proyecto con cualquiera que pueda estar interesado, se ha concebido como una herramienta que ayude a comprender las necesidades y realidad en la que viven nuestros pueblos ancestrales.
The mockups are from PSDcovers. The graphs were made using Highcharts
La versión completamente gratuita para impresión se puede descargar de aquí: http://bit.ly/UgdHFB
The FREE printed and downloadable version is here: http://bit.ly/UgdHFB
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