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BeMyEye: Integration of a feature from another app
BeMyEye: Integration of a feature from another app
2018 / BeMyEye / Paris, France
BeMyEye is Europe’s leading crowdsourced in-store data as a service (DAAS) provider. Mystery shoppers earn money by completing simple missions, through questionnaires in the app, about information they find in stores or other locations.  

My job here was to collaborate with the product and tech teams to integrate a new type of "discovery" mission from an app BeMyEye had recently acquired, adapting it to BeMyEye's UX/UI while improving the user experience. 

Here's how the discovery mission looked in the acquired app:
Here's what it looks like integrated in the BeMyEye app:

The design shows how much you can adjust your location relative to your GPS position, and makes it easier to see how much GPS accuracy you need to proceed.
Taking it a step further

Based on user feedback from an in-app survey, we clarified the missions menu and made it more fun by adding color. 

In terms of information architecture, there were already four categories of missions -- instead of adding a fifth for the new mission type, I grouped all the missions into three categories to simplify. 

I pumped up the price box since earning money is the main reason people use the app, and standardized the price box width across missions to tidy things up. I then color coded the three mission types (green, blue, orange) to make it easier for users to distinguish them, and updated the icons. --A house icon for a mission you do at home or anywhere, and a binoculars icon for a "discovery" mission. We kept store logos for in-store missions.

Here's the previous missions menu (without & with a reserved mission):
And here's the new missions menu:
A faster start

Previously, all missions needed to be reserved before starting them, and you were taken back to the missions menu after reserving, only to have to click on the mission again to start it. Reserving was necessary to prevent multiple shoppers doing the same mission for one store. But I realized that two of the three mission types didn't need to be reserved. For those, we removed the reservation requirement, allowing mystery shoppers to begin them straight away. And for reserved missions, we allowed users to start immediately rather than having to go back to the missions menu.

Here's a mission that must be reserved before starting:
And here's a mission that doesn't need to be reserved -- you just start the mission: 
BeMyEye: Integration of a feature from another app

BeMyEye: Integration of a feature from another app