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    We designed the mascot for cryptocurrency, Anime Coin. Her name is Anico!
Cryptocurrency! Blockchain! Web 3.0! It's the future, zura! 

It has been our pleasure, as a Singapore design studio, to work with Bizurk Software to design the mascot for Anime Coin, the cryptocurrency targetted to anime fans. During the process, we've designed a number of potential looks for the mascot. All these designs went through an extensive polling process with international anime fans (on Facebook) before the final version was selected. 
This is the final version of the mascot, Anico.

Who is she? 

During the day she works at her job as the AnimeCoin official mascot, more importantly she is the first anime artist to draw exclusively on the blockchain. The blockchain is the revolutionary technology that powers cryptocurrency and this helps run highly advanced technology such as the AnimeCoin soon to be launched anti-theft mechanism which can scan artwork on the blockchain and detect counterfeits or stolen artwork!

Her personality

Because she gets do to what she loves as a job (art) she is always happy and joyful. The future for the AnimeCoin project is looking very bright and her bright blue eyes reflect the happiness and future she looks forward to.

What are the squares around her? 

Those squares are representations of the blockchain data which she is constantly surrounded by. Her digital paint brush emits these blocks with every stroke and her fluorescent RGB elements seen throughout her clothing and headphones represent the digital aspect of her existence.
Looks like she unbuttoned her ribbon?

Take a closer look and see the Katakana ア which is the first letter in the Japanese word for “Anime” (アニメ).
If you are into cryptocurrency and anime, this looks like something that you can definitely get behind! 
Account Management: KC Ng
Character Design: Low Zi Rong