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Finding Relief from Wisdom Tooth Pain
Teething is the painful process for babies. Good thing is that we don’t remember that time of painfulness. But there is another time in which such situation can occur and it can be quite painful. It’s the erupting of wisdom tooth that can take away all of your attention by inflicting pain you would want to get rid of on immediate basis.

Before we talk about the methods to get relief from this pain, it would be worth mentioning some causes of sore gums and the way wisdom teeth can play their role in this soreness.
Wisdom teeth
Wisdom teeth are the last ones in teeth to grow. They erupt between the ages of 17 and 21; however they can push through earlier or later as well. These third molars begin to erupt through skin, leading to the soreness which can be quite painful. In most of the cases, these teeth may grow at an inappropriate angle and even in sideway direction. This can lead to the wisdom teeth impacting neighboring teeth, causing the pain to the radiated in the neighboring teeth. These incorrectly positioned teeth can also result in the formation of cysts and other infections in the gums and related nerves. In this scenario, your dentist may decide to remove the wisdom teeth.

Since it is not possible to get your teeth removed on immediate basis, there are some ways you can get relief from the pain.
Mouth rinse
You can get relief from this pain with the help of mouth rinse. You can add salt in the warm water and stir it until it gets mixed properly. Then you need to swish this water in your mouth for 30 to 60 seconds. Repeating this process throughout the day can considerably reduce the pain.
By numbing the wisdom teeth using non-invasive methods, you can reduce the pain for a considerable amount of time. For this purpose, you can use a product that would contain an ingredient known as benzocaine. These products usually come in the form of gel which you can apply on the impacted wisdom tooth or the area of soreness due to erupting of this tooth.
Cloves and Clove Oil
The use of clove oil for pain relief dates back to the ancient times. Clove is commonly used in cooking so you shouldn’t have any problem finding it immediately. You can place it under the area of irritation. Make sure you don’t crush or cut it. Placing it for a few minutes is going to give you great relief because it numbs the area quite well.