Communication by Hand
Logo Update for Website Project

PERSONAL STORY: Delia Mott Merritt and I are loyal clients to each other. I used her Interpreting Services ever since I moved to Austin 12 years ago. Because she knew I'm a Graphic Designer, she hired me a couple of years ago to design the Communication by Hand logo. In 2016, she needed a brand new website that looks modern and professionally done so she hired Left Right Media. They suggested to have the logo slightly modified to match the website mood they offered to her with all the color and style choices. She did not want them to completely redo the logo because of her dedication to hire deaf people like me if possible. I was rehired to work with her and Left Right Media to update the logo for the website project. We had a meeting and after becoming familiar with their website design proposal, I loved the proposed mood board. I agreed that we can change the logo color to red from the group of color palettes. However, I only changed the font since I did not want to lose the meaning of the hidden "C" hand logomark. Delia agreed with me, acknowledging my deaf perspective on the importance of hand movements representing interpreting services for the Deaf and Deaf/Blind. I also offered to create icons for each category on the website for Left Right Media to use. They thought it was amazing I kept the icons consistent by mimicking the shape of the CbH logo. Delia loved what I did. Feel free to take a peek at the website. Enjoy!