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PEEKABOO | The Bag You Can See Through

PEEKABOO's see-through collection of bags allows your essentials to stay within reach, wherever life takes you. What’s not to love?

From the name, tone of voice, to the visuals, packaging, and product customizations, every decision and application reflect a distinctive solution communicating the uniqueness and boldness of PEEKABOO & Co. A salamander? You ask. It’s an unorthodox creature with many outstanding qualities. It is a master of adaptability and adjusting to our environment. The salamander asks us to perceive the changes going on around us and adapt to our best ability rather than fight against the changes. And with the rise of security measures, PEEKABOO helps people adapt, make the necessary adjustments, and find their place in the world. The salamander is a water dwelling creature. It holds symbolism of ease of motion. This resonates directly with going through security checkpoints smoothly. What’s also worth noting is that these creatures are masters of the “wiggle” symbolizing what people are trying to wiggle their way out of, or into. With the salamander as a symbol for the PEEKABOO brand, it is a call empowering us to never be afraid to seize the moment, live vibrantly, and wander the world unhindered.

Things we've worked on:
+ Nomenclature
+ Branding & Identity 
+ Brand Architecture 
+ Messaging / Story / Tagline & Tone of Voice 
+ Packaging Design 
+ Product Customizations
+ Copywriting
+ Art Direction 
+ Website Design
+ Social Media Design


PEEKABOO | The Bag You Can See Through

PEEKABOO | The Bag You Can See Through

In 2014, Lori Rabold embarked on a path forward to develop her very own line of clear bags bringing PEEKABOO & Co. to life. The clear collection Read More