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    Promotional material for fashion designer Qui Hao
Promotional material for Serpens collection by fashion designer Qui Hao
Qui Hao is a Chinese fashion designer known for his experimental work, and the Serpens collection is no exeption. Named after the constellation of the northern hemisphere - the reptile, the mythological symbol that represents both good and evil - Serpens is as mysterious, futuristic and compelling as its name implies.
By working with fabric cut-outs, unfinished drawings and transparent layering I wanted to communicate this enigmatic feeling of the Qui Hao brand through the promo material. Invitations, lookbooks and the glass poster only reveal parts of the collection, tempting the purchaser and the consumer to explore it all on the fashionshow or in store. (This has been a schoolproject, and has not been done for real.)
The invitation

The purpose of an invitation is to lure the purchasers to come to the fashionshow without revealing too much of the collection. This is acheived by using cuttings from the fabrics, shaped as the pattern-parts of a garment. These fabric-cuttings is put inside acrylic frames together with half-finished drawings to obtain the mystery-feeling of the collection. The invitationtext is printed on transparent film which is also put inside the frame. When the purchasers receive the invitation they can open the frame, take out the invitationtext and bring it to the show. The rest they can keep as a decorationas well as a memory of the collection and the designer. 
The Lookbook
The lookbook is revealing more of the collection compared to the invitation, though still some of the drawings are not fully completed. The pages switch from black to white, as the garments in the collection have no other colors. Drawings on transparent pages in between makes disturbing images, again preserving the mystique feeling. 
The Glass Poster

Built on the same idea as the invitation, the glass poster consist of three layers of glass with fabric cuttings inside. As it is self-standing it can be placed inside the stores, preferably in the window display, where the light from outside will make the transparent fabrics appear at its best.