To have no wood shavings or cellophane in sight. That was the brief... Oh, and to redefine the hamper. Achieved by creating a long-lasting opening experience that tingles and stimulates the senses, just like each of the products inside.

The Cook & Nelson hamper is every bit as beautiful and intriguing as the products it holds. Within the bold, cubed, blue box, you’ll find a bespoke collection of individually crafted packages; a showcase of some of the world’s most sought-after speciality foods. Each of the boxes is adorned with a striking graphic pattern based on the flag of the city in which the product inside was made.

Big ideas, love, ideation, commitment & ambition: Becs & Nick (Cook & Nelson)

All graphic design, flag concept development & illustration: Butcher & Butcher

Photography: Kevin Emirali // Photographic art direction + edits: Shiv Narandas