Housing deficit in Chile (including irreparable damaged houses, groups of families that live together and overcrowded urban centres and houses) affect 1.150.000 people who need a place to live. That means that today 6 in 100 chileans live in precarious conditions. This campaign looks forward to make visible an invisible issue in public agenda.

We created a campaign through internet's smallest media. 
For a full day we broadcasted live the reality of several families.  
Through rich media banners we showed how an entire day went.


Advertising Agency:
 Prolam Y&R, Santiago, Chile

Chief Creative Officer: Francisco Cavada, Alvaro Becker
Chief Creative Digital Officer: Andrés Díaz
Head of Art: Emerson Navarrete

Motion Designer / Video Editing: Luis Gajardo

Producer: Empresas Mena
Director: Leonardo Mena
Música: Clio

Planner Leader: Consuelo Díaz
Digital Account Supervisor: Carolina Picasso
Graphic Producer: José Borquez