My design has been shortlisted into the final 5!

I will keep this updated to let you know how it goes and I will also be making a website next semester so I will add that too.
Create a brand identity for the company 'Myopia Consortium UK'. 'Myopia Consortium UK' will join several small research groups together to be the first substantially sized UK based myopia research company.
I decided to create my logo based on two key images that I believe are central to the representation trying to be created behind Myopia Consortium UK; a service for eyes, and a link between the smaller research groups of the UK. With this in mind I looked as ways of blending an eye and a link, the icon of linking frames is what I have come up with. As well as the immediate image of an eye with an iris and pupil, there is also the image of two spectacle-like frames linking together. 

To decide on which colours I was going to use I looked into research conducted about which colours are the easiest to read with. Yellow on black seemed a popular choice. I decided to use orange instead of yellow, as yellow can be seen as having connotations of warning signs and therefore can be an alarming colour. Orange is still a very highly visible colour, but it is a warmer, more friendly colour to look at. Orange is also a colour not used by any other myopia research companies that I could find.

The decision of which type to use came from a research paper ( conducted by the International Institute for Information Design who concluded that of the 5 traffic typefaces from over Europe tested (Transport, RWS, DIN, Tern and Tern final), Transport was the most legible from the furthest distance. Transport was created from 1957/1963 so it a moderately recent typeface giving it a contemporary look. It is also used on all british road signs and was created in the UK so it has a recognisably british heritage.
Some double page-spreads from the Branding Guidelines document: