Thousands of speeding fines are issued every day,
economic sanctions that fade when paid. We decided to create a new fine with great emotional value,
a penalty to generate a real impact on those who exceed the speed limits. Real stories of friends, brothers, husbands, parents and sons who have lost an important part of their lives because of imprudence.

Cannes Lions 2018 - Shortlist - Direct 
El Ojo de Iberoamérica 2018 - Bronce - Direct
Achap 2018 - Oro - Direct


Executive Creative Directors: Álvaro Becker, Francisco Cavada 
Digital Executive Digital Officer: Andrés Díaz
Head of Art: Emerson Navarrete

Creative Director: Sebastián Vildósola
Copywriter: José Ignacio Véliz

Video Editing: Marco OrtegaLuis Gajardo
Motion Designer: Luis Gajardo

Producer: Empresas Mena
Director: Leonardo Mena

Fines for Conscience / Municipalidad de las Condes