Once a status symbol, this quite useful accessory on hot summer days has been forgotten over the years. Voxel - Studio made it their mission to lend the hand held fan a new face thanks to parametric design tools and automated manufacturing methods. Closed, the fan reminds of a monolithic sculpture lent a visble dynamic through beveled surfaces. Expanded, the massive appearance transforms into a delicate interplay of dominant structures and a ramifying geometry towards the interior of the fan. Where a breeze is caused by rotating movement the structure is compressed while being relaxed in other areas to create interesting, form fit visuals reminiscent of ornaments. Historically, the maximum opening angle was restrained by the use of a ribbon laced through the sheets. Since additional materials and production steps after the initial manufacturing process are ideally abstained from, the opening and closing mechanism in invisibly integrating into the handle of the fan. The result is a contemporary interpretation just waiting to be set into the right light at the next pin up photo shoot.