CAN is a collection of unisex contemporary jewelry. I focus my creations on the upcycling to create exceptional unique pieces.
A concept of sustainable development in the world of jewellery, products that challenge the idea and perception of luxury nowadays, focusing on the slow luxury.

CAN is inspired by environmental problems, especially the contamination found in the streets and the lack of waste sorting. Each piece is hand made from a mix of the tin can and silver hammered, forged, casted or conceived by traditional jewellery and goldsmith techniques.

Design it's simple and elegant, related with the craft of the jewel, creating a harmony between the mean material and the transformation. CAN is the product of reflexion, exploration, design and development mixing traditional techniques and contemporary approaches on the materiality of my work.

What interests me is to give a second life to that can. I’m passionate with the idea of the appropriation and the upcycling of this object to give it an added value and make it a precious piece of jewellery. I transformed the can in a way that the content, which serve to feed our body, becomes into an object dedicated to feed our desires in life.

With CAN I would like to offer a possible sustainable solution for the future in jewellery design. I want to create a link between the maximum profit and the value of an object during its lifetime, to generate a critical eye and make people aware about how they consume and their impact on the environment.
This project was exhibited in two collective exhibitions. The first one called, Dix Doigts, at the Galerie TACTILE, for the celebration of the 10 Years of Art en Vieille Ville. The second one called, Quand les perles sortent du rang, at the Galerie Annick Zufferey, to celebrate Art Carouge.

COPYRIGHT PHOTOS © Juan Sebastian Galan Bello

Supported by the Ikea Foundation Switzerland.