1000 Faces

Current location is Chalkidiki (GR) and οbject of the study, the renovation of an old small house situated a few meters across the sea... 

There is a study at the beginning where you practically, gather up some notes and consequently, create a list where you store and analyze by writing down at first, some advantages and disadvantages of the surrounding area. First and most important issue ---> the presence of a road that divides the sea from the house: this can easily give rise to a necessity of highlighting the current sea sight view, give more of that delight to the viewer... In addition to that, the house needs to be detached from the different levels and kinds of pollution linked to the road traffic which can easily be increased and deem the social optimum of the habitats. 

 " There is a facial expression for every state of mind."

photo 1: current state of the house / intervention scheme


SOLUTION: create a low-cost manually kinetic facade that surrounds the existing house. This system denominated "gyros" facade, has the ability to adapt in different environmental conditions. It's designed to meet the increasing of varying and complex demands related to user comfort, energy consumption and cost efficiency. More precisely, consists on vertical elements that can slide on the guide tracks but they can also rotate around their own axis. Basically, these components can move across the track guides that they have been positioned on the perimeter of the house and, as a result of this movement, they can create different shapes, in base of the feelings and mood of the habitats. Therefore, it can also create some privacy,  while covering up the entire side of the house and then, at the same time, it can create different shapes and finally transform these vertical elements and its combinations to sliding shutters, create some comfort on the inside and simultaneously, change the aesthetic shape of the house.

...translations and rotations!

after the face lift..

The video above and a series of images below (in GIF format, i guess they need some time to load..☺ please be patient!!)  showcase just few of the possible combinations of the facade system.


project team: pc architects
visualisation team: 3dots

1000 Faces
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