Britton Design Wine Label Designs~Scratchboard
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    A few wine package designs using the scratchboard technique of illustration.
Every wine package design has a certain type of personality and a story to tell in order to reflect the quality of wine inside the bottle. For more upscale wines, designer Patti Britton likes to add a type of illustration called "scratchboard". Traditionally, scratchboard starts as a drawing board coated with white clay and a surface layer of black ink that is scratched or scraped away to produce an effect similar to engraving. Or a white board can be used where black ink is applied. It's a very time consuming process but the effect creates a more hand-crafted look to the design.
Throughout the years Patti Britton has had the pleasure of collaborating with the talents of scratchboard artists Larry Duke, Tom Hennessy, Miro Salazar, and Michael Halbert whose art is featured here.