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    My point of wiew on things. Some street shots i'll update regularly.
Here some street photograpy (people, landscapes, details).
My personal point of wiew on things, people, situations.
I'll update this project continuously. It's a way to tell how i see. How i percive things around me.
-24 hours-
Shot selected by:
National Geographic Italia, published on the official site (http://www.nationalgeographic.it/fotografia/2012/08/13/foto/concorso_2012_categoria_gente_e_popoli-1175050/9/#media).
Leica Talent Italia, shared on the FB official page
Rome, Verano cemetery.
A guy jumping in front of Colosseum.
Trastevere (a famous district in Rome historical centre) in 10 cm.
Trastevere again.
Homeless in Termini Station, Rome.