Created on Gantri

Dripper is created using Gantri's Table Lights Product System, which provides a standard set of components, resources and toolkit to help designers develop high-quality products easily.

Not just for coffee enthusiasts, Dripper feels right at home in your kitchen, a coffee shop or any room thirsty for a bright area light. Display on a counter, work desk or nightstand to instantly perk up your space and your day. Its modern and structural design fits best in contemporary, loft-style spaces.
Quan Li

Originally from New York, attend my first industrial design class at the High School of Art & Design. Went on to study and graduated from Pratt Institute. Started working for a houseware company based in NY, here is where I learned to appreciate the entire product design, development, and production process. Loved working hands on with every project, following through concepts to final tooling and production. This has lead to me to working in Hong Kong designing and developing products and brands. And working from my own studio, Maqe, has allowed me to enjoy the ritual of making my own drip coffee everyday.

Dripper was manufactured by Gantri in San Francisco. The body of the product is constructed with our in-house 3D printing technologies and then carefully hand-finished by local craftsmen to achieve a smooth luxurious finish. High quality pre-engineered components are then assembled with the body and quality checked before they are delivered to customers.
Gantri is a designer-first manufacturer based in San Francisco. Using smarter design and advanced 3D printing technologies, we help designers worldwide turn ideas into high-quality design products.
Dripper by Quan Li