QuantumDigital offers Automail Plus which is a 12-month direct mail campaign that real estate agents can easily set up to send out automatically each month. It includes a learnmorenow feature.  

This series I've created for 2017 is called "Learn More Now" with a main focus on the learnmorenow.com we offer.

I developed a concept on easy access to information anywhere and anytime through phone or laptop to check market trends. I captured screenshots of the actual learnmorenow pages to ensure the realistic view of what you see when receiving the information on your laptop or phone. 
Below is the web page at QuantumDigital that shows the selected Learn More Now series (set up by our IT). You can see how that postcard can be checked or unchecked for that month.  Great feature!
QuantumDigital makes targeted direct mail simple and fast. By combining 24-hour turnaround speed, easy-to-use tools, geo-mapping, and an affordable turnkey approach, QuantumDigital helps real estate professionals and small to medium-sized organizations target their marketing and reach customers faster.