Project Overview
The Golden Grain brand faced an interesting conundrum—in the absence of a brand story, consumers had invented their own. The American Italian Pasta Company turned to PKG for a Golden Grain facelift. Our strategy was to capture what consumers believe about the brand’s essence to tell a compelling and relevant brand story.
Getting Consumer Feedback
Amber wheat fields, open and expansive blue sky, and a red logo that complements the idea of “golden grain” rang true with consumers. Once we added a farmer to the mix, literally grounding the brand story in a real, accountable farming environment, consumers were sold.
We simplified the brand mark and typeface, making them easier to read on bolder blocks of red. We also upgraded the sky imagery to provide a more open feel. By including a farmer closely inspecting his field of grain, we imparted a bit of Americana—along with quality, accountability, freshness and pride—to new packaging that tells a complete brand story.
Team: Liz Schwartz, Sarah Wielusz, Larry Teolis, Ross Freedman
Agency: PKG Brand Design
Golden Grain Pasta Refresh