Peaks Of War | Strategic Board Game
The objective is to capture the highest peaks of the land while also asserting dominance over your opponents. In order to achieve success build up your army and settlement to conquer the game board.
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Terrain Pieces: mountain top, mountain range, hill, and plains. Board game pieces in which opponents fight over. 
Troop Pieces: warrior, knight, and champion. Your combat pieces, which can attack adjacent tiles and help you explore the board further. Each unit has different attacking abilities in which is broken down on the board.
Home Pieces: Up to 4 people can play in each game. Also, your safe haven as well because you cannot be attacked while occupied on each piece (good place to retreat to on the game board).
Special Pieces: main road, lonely road, smuggler's road, ancient ruins, tower, secluded city, mine, and mountain pass. These pieces have a noted bonus of some kind. An example, the tower piece will also reveal all adjacent pieces next to it.
Settlement/Supply/Miscellaneous pieces. The settlement determines how many new troops/supplies you can add each turn. The gold piece is your currency in which you may use to buy new troops or upgrade your current troops.
Game Board | Mockup with gameplay instructions
Game Board | Mockup with gameplay shown
Peaks Of War


Peaks Of War