The assignment was to pick any book and redesign its cover, one as image based and another as type based. I picked one of my favourite books "To Cut A Long Story Short" by Jeffrey Archer and redesigned its cover.
Image based (front)

The book is a compilation of short stories, hence my idea was to depict this by several books opened on a single book cover. I have added the type in perspective to make this book cover visually enticing.
Image based (back and spine)
The opened books continue on the back also and create an interesting pattern on the spine that stands out amongst other books on any bookshelf.
Image based (full view)
Type based (front)
For the type based book cover I have played with the very words of the book's title and have visually shown the word "short" being cut short. 
Type based (back and spine)

The same idea continues on the spine also with the exception that on a bookshelf the title on the spine looks as if it has been cut half way but once the reader takes the book out they can see that the title continues to the back as an element of design and a continuation of the concept.
Type based (full view)